True Freedom is the power to do what God wants you to do.

“Beautiful girls are worth more.”

“I need a boyfriend.”

“The benefits of constant media use outweigh the harm.”

Lies young women believe can lead to depression, anxiety, relationship problems and obsession with social media. Those are all signs that a young woman may be suffering the effects of believing lives. But Jesus promised that “the Truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

Through a nationwide survey and in-depth discussion groups, Nancy and Dannah have listened carefully to young women to learn what lies they are believing. This book is the result of those conversations: 25 of the most commonly believed lies, along with the Truth that can set girls free.

The Lies Young Women Believe Study Guide is designed for individuals and small groups, featuring chapter overviews, daily personal study helps, and engaging questions.

Young women can join the daily conversation about Truth at

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Dannah Gresh have been friends for over a decade. Dannah is happiest when on her hobby farm with a menagerie of animals including peacocks, llamas, and fainting goats. Nancy prefers working on puzzles of animals rather than working with animals themselves. Though Nancy is several years older, she married her Robert just a few years ago. Dannah has been married to her Robert (who goes by Bob) for a few decades. But despite their different hobbies and husbands (and heights and hair color), these two friends share a lot in common. Most importantly, they are passionate about loving Jesus and seeing His Truth set young women free! Learn more about Nancy and her ministry for women at Learn more about Dannah and her ministry to teens at, or her ministry for moms and tween girls at

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What Readers are Saying

“I just finished leading four teen girls and their moms through a study of Lies Young Women Believe. What a blessing it was to watch our girls uncover lies they’ve believed and dig into God’s truth to counter them.”

—Reader of Lies Young Women Believe—

“I appreciate so much the investment that Nancy and Dannah have made that young women might know the truth that will set them free and enable them to be women after the Master’s heart!”

—Reader of Lies Young Women Believe—

“My friend and I are doing a girl’s Bible study using Lies Young Women Believe. Thank you for writing this book, because it has helped me and a bunch of these girls discover what is truly true! These girls are taking in every word and applying it to their lives! It’s awesome!”

—Reader of Lies Young Women Believe—