You can’t change the world, but you can prepare her for it.

Your daughter is being lied to.

Today’s girls face a number of challenges we never dealt with at their age. From skyrocketing anxiety rates to bullying on social media, the Enemy’s lies are everywhere. How do you help the girl you love walk in freedom?

Equip her with Truth. Dannah Gresh, author of Secret Keeper Girl and Lies Young Women Believe (coauthored with Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth) brings you Lies Girls Believe and its companion book, Mom’s Guide to Lies Girls Believe.

Based on in-depth research and focus groups led by Dannah Gresh, Lies Girls Believe teaches your daughter the Truth she will need to navigate the challenges she is facing. The Mom’s Guide provides research, cultural trends, and case studies about the problems tween girls face, but also offers encouragement and biblical insight to empower you to talk with your daughter about God’s Truth.

Together, these books give you the tools you need to start important conversations at an age-appropriate pace. Topics include:

  • Lies about God
  • Lies about Friendship
  • Lies about the Future
  • Lies about Myself
  • Lies about Boys
  • And more!

Help your daughter fully understand the Truth so she can live the way God meant for her to live—free!

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About the Author

Dannah Gresh is a best-selling author, speaker, and creator of True Girl (formerly Secret Keeper Girl), America’s most popular tween stage show for moms and daughters. Dannah has authored 30 books, including And the Bride Wore White, and Lies Young Women Believe (with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth) and is considered one of the leading experts on the subjects of sexual purity, modesty, and parenting tweens and teens. More than 500,000 people have attended her live shows and retreats. She has been a guest on CNN, Fox News, and The 700 Club and is a frequent guest on Focus on the Family and FamilyLife. She lives on a hobby farm nestled away in central Pennsylvania with her husband, Bob, and her horses, Trigg and Tru.

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Online Bible Study for Girls       

Join us this March for a special 6-week online Bible study using the content from Lies Girls Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free! We’ll meet live each Monday night at 7pm and dig into the Bible with you and your tween as we cover topics including:
  • Lies about God
  • Lies about Friendship
  • Lies about the Future
  • Lies about Boys
  • And more!

Each week will include poll questions, fun themes, Q&A time, and most importantly, we’ll give you and your daughter the opportunity to dig into God’s word together.


Girls have never had a more fun way to discover Truth and help them recognize the lies that break trust and relationships. Dannah Gresh clearly compares the lies to Truth in ways girls can identify to correct beliefs about themselves and discover Christ’s goal for their life.”

Ron Hunter Jr., Ph.D.
Co-founder & Director of the D6 Conference
Author of DNA of D6: Building Blocks of Generational Discipleship

“Our girls’ lives depend on their mothers knowing God’s Truth. That sounds like a cliché, but for me it was and is still paramount to saving my daughter’s life. Through A Mom’s Guide to Lies Girls Believe, Dannah unfolds a process that sets the mother-daughter team free to dispel lies and uncover the Truth God wants us to believe about His love for us, our families, friendships, and our future. You’ll learn how to listen, dwell, believe, and act on God’s Truth. Therein is freedom.”

Jenny Summers
Executive Director of Pregnancy Resource Clinic and Mother of 8

“I loved Lies Young Women Believe by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Dannah Gresh. And now, I am so excited to see Lies Girls Believe introduce younger girls to the Truth that sets them free. Only Jesus can do that, but Dannah makes understanding how to experience it so accessible. I can’t wait to get it into the hands of my granddaughters!”

Cathe Laurie
Founder and director of Virtue, the women’s ministry at Harvest Christian Fellowship

“Our daughters are being surrounded by positive sounding messages like “Girl Boss” and “Girls Rule the World.” But is that the truth? No—the truth is that Jesus is the boss and He rules! I’m so glad Dannah Gresh has written this guide for moms to combat the lies of social media, pop culture, and foolish friends. Grab your daughter and this book, and head to a favorite spot to talk. I know this book will be the conversation starter for many intentional dates with my daughters!”

Arlene Pellicane
Speaker and author of Parents Rising and 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom